Fort Lauderdale


Fort Lauderdale was a small farming community before it grew to become one of the best-known tourist hubs in the world. The city derives its name from a string of forts that were built during the Second Seminole War, however, its rapid growth commenced only fifty years after the forts were abandoned. Today, the city is the seat of Broward County and a place where history blends effortlessly with modern-day life, offering a one-of-a-kind experience to the tourists.

A mélange of colors and hues

Fort Lauderdale has almost everything; whether it is its scenic locales, inland waterways, cultural diversity or entertainment options, the city offers something for everyone and draws tourists from round the globe. It is also nicknamed 'Venice of America' for its charm and beauty. However, in spite of seemingly having it all, the city also has a darker history, wherein destructive natural forces have threatened to wipe off its existence on one too many occasions.

Hurricane Betsy: the storm that changed its mind:

In 1965, Hurricane Betsy struck Fort Lauderdale, leaving massive damage and destruction in its wake. The hurricane was headed towards South Carolina when it changed direction midway and mercilessly ravaged Miami and Fort Lauderdale. A six-foot storm plowed through the region and a major part of the city was engulfed in darkness for days.

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