Fort Lauderdale Water Damage - Water Damage Restoration


Water damage can be caused due to flooding and undetected leaks in and around the property. Once this happens, you must consider restoration and repair as quickly as possible. Quick intervention is necessary because water damage tends to be progressive eventually leading to permanent damage. The initial 48 hours are the most crucial, and you need to call professional help within this timeframe to curb the losses to a bare minimum.

Fort Lauderdale Water Damage has handled all types of water damage situations and uses only the most skilled and advanced techniques of restoration to reclaim the property and the related assets.

We act fast, not last

Timing is the most important factor when it comes to water damage restoration. With time, the expenses and the chances of recovery of the damaged goods decrease significantly. For this reason, we advise our customers across Fort Lauderdale, FL area to call us immediately on 954-372-1761 when flooding happens or when you find any signs of damage due to the presence of moisture.

Even a few inches of water in the property facilitates the growth of bacteria leading to diseases and severe allergic reactions. Lingering moisture leads to the growth of mold that can cause damage to flooring, walls, furnishings and the furniture. Immediate remedial measures are the only way to resolve this issue.

We have a highly compatible team of water damage and restoration specialists working 24/7 that can provide an immediate response to your distress calls. Even in the most inclement weather conditions, our technicians will be at your property within 30 minutes at most.

Quick, thorough, and complete drying

Fort Lauderdale Water Damage Fort Lauderdale, FL 954-372-1761Heat drying and water siphoning techniques are ideal for surface drying but problems arise quickly as the moisture seeps deep inside the wall or the floor layers. Many service providers use the ‘touch test’ to determine effective drying but we do not consider this a foolproof method. Instead, we use the most advanced techniques available today for dehumidification, drying, decontamination, and deodorizing. The aim is to remove moisture from deep down to minimize the pervasive damage and restore normalcy in your life in the shortest timeframe.

Restoration, rebuilding, reviving

A flood situation does not have to be the end of your life as you know it. Fort Lauderdale Water Damage has handled all types of situations and has 20+ years of experience in the field. As such, our trained team expertly handles your expensive furniture, drapery, right down to a picture or painting and strives to restore it to its prime. When there is severe damage that cannot be rectified, we will rebuild some parts of the property and replace certain items like the carpet and the drywall. Our team also takes effective measures to minimize corrosion on the various metal components, appliances and machinery. We will also restore any structural damage brought about by water to the property.

With flooding and severe leakage situations losses are inevitable, but the good news is that the most effective restoration services are available just a phone call away in Fort Lauderdale, FL area. We do everything; from repair work to restoration and cleanup, so call us today on 954-372-1761.