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After fire outbreak and extensive water damage, the clock begins to tick rapidly for the health of your property, and you need to take swift actions to curb the damage. With each passing hour, water damage progresses to another level, eating away the furnishings and flooring. Conditions worsen as moisture facilitates the growth of mold that leads to different health hazards. With fire damage, smoke penetrates deep inside the wood and soot settles everywhere giving off toxic, undesirable odor, and leading to devastating losses.

Fort Lauderdale Water Damage is your one-stop solution provider for damages caused by fire or water! We have a full bouquet of services for our clients in Fort Lauderdale, FL area. Our team specializes in mitigating damage, restoration of structures, moisture, and smoke removal. The best news is that all these specialist services are at your disposal when you call us on 954-372-1761.

Our 24/7 service umbrella covers the following sectors:


Something as small as a leaky faucet immediately leads to dampness in the walls and facilitates growth of mold. Can you imagine the level of damage to your property after a flood? You would need reliable and quick solutions for total moisture removal, right? We help to eliminate toxic odors, dampness and mold growth, and restore every area of your property in a systematic way, so that things fall back into place and it feels like your home all over again.


Businesses can find themselves back to square one after an extensive water or fire damage. You will lose huge amounts of data and business assets, the work trickles down, and the revenue dwindles. The best you can do in such situations is to seek professional help. We have specially designed commercial restoration solutions that repair the damage quickly with negligible process interruptions. We will handle everything from simple plumbing fixes to large-scale structural and furnishing restoration so that things get back to normal, quickly.

Whether you are looking for regular restoration and repair solution or contingency measures you can depend on Fort Lauderdale Water Damage to do the needful in Fort Lauderdale, FL area. Just call us at 954-372-1761.

Water Leaks Detection

Water is a life giver and is getting scarce every day, and evasive leaks lead to wastage of this precious resource. The problem with leaks is that they remain undetected for long and when you finally discover the problem, it becomes too late. You can do your bit for the environment by detecting leaks as quickly as possible. If you are not sure how, simply depend on professional leak detection solutions. Click to read more...

Flood Damage Restoration

Flooding of residential or commercial assets is a nightmare for every property owner. The bad news is that it happens because there are forces you simply cannot control like overflowing rivers, heavy rains, or a hurricane. This not only floods your property but also does extensive damage to the valuable assets within. In absence of timely intervention, there are often irreversible problems with the property structure because the conditions tend to deteriorate rapidly. Why should you leave it to chance when you have experts from Fort Lauderdale Water Damage ready to handle such concerns, right away? Click to read more...

Mold Remediation

Flooding of the property brings with it additional problems such as the growth of mold. This can happen due to water pooling from plumbing failure, roof leakage, and leaking pipe work that remains undetected and leads to mold growth. Mold grows indoors on damp surfaces and proliferates dangerously well within 48 to 72 hours. This poses a significant health hazard, and negatively impacts the indoor air quality. Moreover, the physical structure of the property also undergoes damage. Click to read more...

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can be caused due to flooding and undetected leaks in and around the property. Once this happens, you must consider restoration and repair as quickly as possible. Quick intervention is necessary because water damage tends to be progressive eventually leading to permanent damage. The initial 48 hours are the most crucial, and you need to call professional help within this timeframe to curb the losses to a bare minimum. Click to read more...

Fire Damage Restoration

Accidental breakout of a fire is more common than you think and once it starts, the situation can get extremely serious quite quickly. We remain surrounded by flammable items and these are present all around our property right down to the structural aspect of the building itself. Matches, electrical appliances, cooking equipment, wiring, and candles; anything can start a spark that can lead to a blazing fire in no time. Fire breakouts can traumatize people and cripple lives. Things that you cherish the most are burnt to cinders right before your eyes. You will find yourself struggling to recover financially, mentally, emotionally, and physically based upon the extent of the damage done. Click to read more...

Reconstruction and Remodeling

Even a well-constructed residential or commercial property will deteriorate over time. Other than the vagaries of time, floods, storms, fire, and hurricane can also cause severe damage. It ruins the health and appeal of the property, and it can further degrade if you do nothing to turn back the tide. Don’t leave it in its ruined state, especially when help is available right at hand in the form of Fort Lauderdale Water Damage. Click to read more...