Fort Lauderdale Water Damage - Mold Remediation


Flooding of the property brings with it additional problems such as the growth of mold. This can happen due to water pooling from plumbing failure, roof leakage, and leaking pipe work that remains undetected and leads to mold growth. Mold grows indoors on damp surfaces and proliferates dangerously well within 48 to 72 hours. This poses a significant health hazard, and negatively impacts the indoor air quality. Moreover, the physical structure of the property also undergoes damage.

From the basement, air conditioning units, attic, to wall interiors, the contaminants will spread everywhere infecting your property. If you do not want that to happen, do not waste time; rather call Fort Lauderdale Water Damage on 954-372-1761.

Mold: The silent yet deadly contaminant

Mold growth is not always visible and you must spot the signs of its presence as quickly as possible to check and control its growth through remedial measures. When dark spots are present on the ceiling, floors, or the wall, it indicates the presence of problem. You will have musty odors indoors that indicate that the growth of mold is present in the cavities of the walls or the ceiling plenums. In a moist environment, mold will thrive, feeding on the organic matter such as the drywall, wood, and the paper materials, growing and reproducing dangerously.

Mold can damage the structural integrity of the property and produce irritants and allergens that can have harmful effects on the health of the whole family. You may experience problems like headaches, skin irritation, respiratory issues and allergies. The best way to stop the growth of the mold is to cut off its moisture supply. You can depend upon us in Fort Lauderdale, FL area for the purpose.

Mold removal Vs. Mold remediation: What you don’t know

Fort Lauderdale Water Damage Fort Lauderdale, FL 954-372-1761We tell you from the outset that 100% mold removal is not possible. If some business advertises guaranteed, full mold removal, you should know that they are lying. Mold spores exist everywhere both indoors and outdoors. Whenever there’s an apt environment, i.e., presence of food and water, the spores grow quickly, and reach danger levels. Our mold removal team has extensive knowledge in mold remediation and has served scores of clients in Fort Lauderdale, FL area. We do this by cutting down on the mold levels, preventing further growth and also take the necessary steps to restore the original condition of your damaged property.

How we work?

Every mold situation is different so Fort Lauderdale Water Damage has customized remediation solutions for our clients. Our team will use the most advanced techniques for safe handling and disposal of mold-ridden materials.

What we do?

Detection: We use state-of-the-art detection techniques like infrared technology to detect the presence of mold. Such non-invasive methods help us to identify any hidden mold and deploy proper remedial measures.

Remediation: We combine UV lights, chemical agents with other methods for complete mold removal, cleaning and sanitizing.

Odor removal: Musty smell seeps through the property due to the presence of mold. We remove this using the latest techniques and cutting-edge deodorizers so that your home starts smelling fresh again.

Prevention: We will not stop with mere mold removal because it can reappear anytime. Our team takes the required steps to remove moisture from deep within the wall and floor layers.

When the first signs of mold start to show, the situation can get dangerous quickly so take steps immediately by calling us on  954-372-1761!